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Mall.Global will feature over 2500 of the world’s most renowned brands

With a truly global reach, we take brands from across the World - To the World

The online shopping platform blends the best of e-commerce convenience with completely customized retail experience.

Make it your own

This technology and innovation marvel lets you interact directly with the brands you love while giving you the satisfaction that your purchases are genuine and guaranteed…

But that is not all...

An experience that is built on and around you… all this and more is on its way…

Authentic Brands
Express Delivery
Innovative Loyalty Program
Blockchain Based Security
Multiple Payment Gateways
Socialized Shopping

Socialized Shopping

Global Product ‘Likes’ Aggregation
Full Social Media Integration
VR mall

VR mall

Full VR Mall & Product Experience
Self-Customizable World & Preferences


Authentic Reviews
Video Demos from Users and Reviewers
AI assisted

AI assisted

Artificial Intelligence based Personal Bot Assistant
AI Aided Order Management
AI Assisted – Shipping & Returns
Multi Loyalty Integrated

Multi Loyalty Integrated

Redeem Multiple Loyalty Programs for Products
Get Rewards in Multiple Loyalty Options

So don’t just shop online… live the experience

Genuine • Guaranteed • Global

Coming 2020

to every digital device near you

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